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  1. Room Reservations

    Meeting Rooms Are Now Available to Limited Capacity

    Our Meeting Rooms are Now Available for Reservations :D
  2. Autumn_Wine_Glasses_vsgyes

    Glenrock Branch Artisan Alley Paint & Sip Class: Autumn Wine Glass

    Swing by the Glenrock Library to learn how to make a set a handprinted wine glasses. Want to learn how to paint on wine glasses? We can teach you! Come paint with us! We guide you step by step to create your very own masterpiece.
  3. root_beer_float

    Douglas Branch Teen Blender Drink Club: Root Beer Floats

    The first root beer float came years after the first Chicago soda fountain, invented in 1893 by Colorado gold mine owner Frank J. Wisner. Join us as we make our very own root beer floats.
  4. Douglas Branch Teen Pokemon Club on Jan 16th

    Douglas Branch Teen Poke'mon Club

    So you wanna be the master of Poke'mon! Watch, Read, Play, Do fun activities, and discuss all thigns Poke'mon related! Can't wait to catch'ya there!
  5. Gratitude

    Douglas Branch Gratitude Journal Virtual Event

    We will meet to discuss Simple Abundance affirmations and share our thoughts about the progress of our Gratitude Journals as well as our collages.
  6. SCVStorytime
  8. NYC Coronavirus

    Free eBooks For Kids About the Coronavirus

    Covid-19 can be scary. Because when we don't know a lot about something our imaginations fill in the blanks making it a lot more scary. The NYC School Library is helping quell this fear by offering free eBooks for children about the coronavirus. Read on...
  9. Awesome Pod Casts for Kids

    Awesome Podcasts for Curious Kids!

    Here’s a list of great shows to keep kids ages 2 through 6, and their caretakers, occupied. Read on...
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