1. Stargazing

    CCL - Douglas/Glenrock Stargazing @ Natural Bridge

    Join us for stargazing at Natural Bridge! Be sure to dress warmly for when the sun goes down. This event is weather-permitting. Sign-up with the library. This event is open for all ages.
  2. Potluck

    CCL - Douglas/Glenrock Fairy House Potluck Picnic @ Natural Bridge

    Converse County Crafters come down to Ayres Natural Bridge for a potluck picnic on Wednesday, July 31 @ 7 pm! Bring some food to share and enjoy while helping place fairy homes in fantastic waterfront locations. Afterwards, join us for Stargazing!
  3. Can Fairy House

    CCL - Douglas/Glenrock Habitat for Non-Humanity: Fairy House Building

    Fairy homelessness is real and effects thousands of fairies everyday! Join us in helping the fairies in our community by turning ice cream/Pringles cans into homes for them! Bring bark, twigs, etc.! A fairy in need is a friend indeed! Call for more info.
  4. Gratitude Journal

    CCL - Douglas/Glenrock Gratitude Journaling Class

    Learn how to wake up everyday being grateful! Gratitude journals are used by people to focus their attention on the positive things in life. Gratitude has gained a lot of attention in the field of positive psychology. Call for more info and sign up today!
  5. Shari Simmons

    CCL - Douglas/Glenrock Inspirational Speaker: Shari Simmons

    Shari Simmons will present "Which Way," a presentation from her personal experiences and subsequent book, which outlines the choices along the way through obstacles to finding a path that leads to a happy, fulfilling life. Call for more info and sign up!
  6. Fairy Houses

    CCL - Douglas/Glenrock Habitat for Non-Humanity: Fairy House Book Folding

    Fairy homelessness is a real thing that effects thousands of fairies everyday! Come join us in helping our fairy neighbors in the community by folding some books into houses for them! A fairy in need is a friend indeed! Call for more info & sign up today!
  7. Yoga

    CCL - Douglas Yoga

    Have you ever tried to mimic the strange positions your cat contorts into? Looked at a pretzel and thought "yeah that looks like it would be comfy"? I know I have! Join us Wednesday mornings for Yoga and get stretchy enough to make a cheese pizza jealous!
  8. Build a Better World Logo

    CCL Summer Reading - Build a Better World

    It's almost here everyone! Are you excited, because we definitely are! Summer Reading will run June 1st - July 31st. This year's theme is Build a Better World!
  9. Glenrock Renovation

    CCL - Glenrock Renovation

    Excuse our mess... We will be renovating our Glenrock branch through this summer, but fear not! We will still be open and available for all your library needs!
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