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Resources and Information about Corona 19
  1. Food For Though

    Glenrock Branch Food For Thought Club

    Join us this month while we share potluck dishes & recipes. We've two themes this month! Feast of All Saints (New Orleans, Cajun, Creole) and Day of the Dead.
  2. The Heretic&#39s Daughter

    Glenrock Branch Books and Brew: The Heretic's Daughter

    Young Sarah Carrier is bright and willful. Often at odds with one another, mother and daughter are forced to stand together against the escalating hysteria of the Salem witch trials..
  3. potato chowder

    Douglas Branch Teen Cooking Club: Rotisserie Chicken and Potato Chowder

    Want to know how to make Rotisseri Chicken and Potato Chowder? Well prepair to wade through 500-1,000 words about my life. It’s only after you learn about the library and all our fine things and stuff that you can learn how to cook chicken.
  4. Waxing leaves

    Douglas Branch Teen DIY: Waxing Leaves

    Learn how to preserve a leaf by sealing it in wax? It helps keep the color, and prevents it from drying out and disintegrating. Perfect if you plan to use them in wreaths or as table settings, where they need to keep their appearance.
  5. SCVStorytime
  7. Room Reservations

    While we slowly reopen, room reservations are still closed

    While our doors open up June 8th, we'll be unable to reserve rooms in the near future. Unfortunately we're not certain how long the rooms will be inaccessible. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  8. NYC Coronavirus

    Free eBooks For Kids About the Coronavirus

    Covid-19 can be scary. Because when we don't know a lot about something our imaginations fill in the blanks making it a lot more scary. The NYC School Library is helping quell this fear by offering free eBooks for children about the coronavirus. Read on...
  9. Awesome Pod Casts for Kids

    Awesome Podcasts for Curious Kids!

    Here’s a list of great shows to keep kids ages 2 through 6, and their caretakers, occupied. Read on...
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  12. Kids sitting around a table painting snow

    Website Personalization Now Available!

    With the launch of the new MyAccount feature, visitors to our website can now customize their viewing experience! Read on...
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